There are many herbal remedies for depression that can make you feel better whether you are simply feeling bad or have acute depression symptoms.  For thousands of years people have known of the abilities of certain plants and herbs to treat ailments and diseases.  With the advances of modern medicine many people are turning to newer synthetic drugs that, while they do work quickly, often have many unintended side effects.

Herbal depression treatments are not a silver bullets, but when used in moderation, can be an effective way to start feeling better.  Using herbal supplements to treat depression works on the underlying brain chemical imbalances causing negative feelings.

Depression is a disease that is brought about by chemical imbalances in the brain.  When someone says they are “depressed” they may not be talking about the actual clinical condition, but simply feeling “down”.  Clinical depression can take a toll on a person mentally, physically and socially.  Without treatment depression can even be fatal in the form of suicide.  If you are in deep depression do not attempt to treat yourself, reach out and get help.

Some of the most common herbs used to treat depression herbal depression remediesare St. Johns Wort, Gingko Biloba, Kava Kava, Rhodiola rosea, Licorice Root, Passionflower, Valerian Root, and Skullcap.  All of these herbs have different properties that allow them to effectively treat mild to moderate depression.  If you have severe depression herbal remedies may not be enough, take the time to seek out professional help.