Skullcap can be used to fight depression because it is a mild sedative and effects the central nervous system.  It calms the mind and allows the user a sense of clarity.  On its own it has a simple calming effect but when used to treat mild depression it is best combined with other herbs such as Valerian root or passion flower.

The ariel parts of the plant and roots both have the same active compounds and both are used in creating the supplement form of skullcap.  It can be purchased in capsules, powders, teas or as a liquid.

In addition to depression, skullcap is also excellent at treating headaches, insomnia and stomach aches.  Because skullcap acts on the central nervous system it is possible to build up a tolerance to its effects so continued use and over use are to be avoided.  To avoid potentially harmful side effects always use skullcap in moderation and at recommended dosages.
treat depression with skullcap